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Welcome to Dancing with Miss Val In-School Incursion Program.

A rhythmic fusion of dance and culture where education meets excitement! Our engaging sessions go beyond dance moves, offering a vibrant exploration of Latin American culture aligned with curriculum frameworks. Students immerse themselves in the:

Key Features of Dancing with Miss Val

In-School Incursion Program:

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum Framework

Our dance classes are thoughtfully crafted to integrate seamlessly with the Australian Curriculum, ensuring educational value and alignment with national standards.

Culturally Enriching Experience

We believe in the power of cultural exposure at an early age. Through the vibrant rhythms of Samba, Salsa, Merengue, and Cumbia, students embark on a journey that not only promotes physical development but also enriches their understanding of different cultures.

Inclusive and Engaging Activities

Dancing with Miss Val embraces inclusivity, providing engaging activities that cater to the diverse needs and abilities of all participants. Our program is designed to create a supportive and fun environment where every student can flourish.

Why Choose

Dancing with Miss Val

For your School?

In-School Program


One Time Session

Price Starts from
$ 15.00 Per Student
  • Ideal for school events; such as Harmony Day, Sport Days, Culture day, or just a spontaneous dance-filled day.
  • Perfect for teachers wanting to experience their students' various dance styles in a fun and welcoming environment.
  • A fun way to create a lively atmosphere during school assemblies with dynamic performances and more!

Weekly Dance Delight

Price Starts from
$ 140 Per Session
  • Explore a variety of dance styles every week.
  • Designed for fun and skill development.
  • Weekly commitment for a dance-filled journey.

Weekly Sessions ⭐

Price Starts from
$ 180 Per Session
  • Exclusive package not only includes the joyous weekly sessions but also grants FULL access to our exclusive ONLINE RESOURCES.
  • Perfect for those teachers seeking a deeper dance education.
  • Access tutorials, practice videos, and more.


Online Resources
for Schools

Note: This online resource can be purchased separate from the Premium Weekly Sessions

Comprehensive Online Resources

Enjoyable Language Exploration

Positive Learning Environment

Elevate Teaching Experience

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Bring the magic of Latin dance and culture to your school!

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