Showcasing the vibrant spirit of Latin dance culture and kids Latin classes.

About Miss Val

Hello, I’m Valeria Alonso,

Founder & Creative Director / Choreographer of El Ritmo Productions.

Specialising in kids latin classes; our engaging kids dance programs are here to make a difference in Adelaide and across the world!

I’m an entrepreneur, teacher, dancer, writer, and singer-songwriter. My mission is to nurture your child into the confident artist they aspire to be.

In 2019, I received the Latin Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Council of Australian Latin American Relationship (COALAR). Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of guiding countless children to pursue their passion and realise their dreams through our dance and movement classes.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised in Australia, my journey into the heart of Latin dance began early. With a background deeply rooted in street Latin styles and an ever-growing love for ballroom dance, I’ve developed a unique approach to children’s dance instruction. My programs not only cater to kids in Australia but reach across the globe, all while celebrating and supporting the Latin community in a fun, educational manner.

My journey began when my family moved from Buenos Aires to Adelaide at the age of 10. Facing cultural disconnection, I found my way back through dance, thanks to my friend Julio who’s from Colombia and introduced me to Salsa in Adelaide when attending High School. This experience reconnected me with my heritage and ignited my passion for dance.

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Showcasing the vibrant spirit of Latin dance culture and kids Latin classes.
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After becoming a professional Latin ballroom dancer and gathering international experience, the spark to start El Ritmo Productions was lit by my niece’s newfound love for Latin dance at just 3 years old. Noticing a gap in youth dance programs and early learning that offered a rich intercultural experience, I established El Ritmo Productions in 2017, aiming to provide a platform for children to explore Latin dance and culture in education.

My life is a testament to the transformative power of dance and cultural connection. El Ritmo Productions is dedicated to instilling a love for Latin dance in children, making a lasting positive impact that transcends boundaries. Our programs not only cater to kids in Australia but also reach across the globe, celebrating and supporting the Latin community in a fun and educational manner.

Join us as we continue to inspire and uplift young artists, helping them embrace their dreams through the rhythm of dance.


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Dancing with Miss Val

I bring over 15 years of professional dance experience to the table.

My deep passion for working with children of all ages sets me apart. Beyond just, teaching dance, I am committed to infusing a love for movement and music, creating an environment that inspires and uplifts.